How to install Spring MVC in IntelliJ IDEA

1. Download IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

You can apply for student in JetBrains. It’s free. Application Link.
After applying for student account. Download the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

2. Download Tomcat 8.5.20

2.1 For Mac

This is for Mac, linux is similar.

  • First go to apache tomcat website. Download zip from Core part(tar.gz is fine too).
  • Goto ~/Downloads, unzip the file into a folder.
  • Move the extracted folder apache-tomcat-8.5.20 to ~/Applications. Run mv ~/Downloads/apache-tomcat-8.5.20 ~/Applications/apache-tomcat-8.5.20
  • In ~/Applications folder, run sudo ln -s apache-tomcat-8.5.20 tomcat

2.2 For Windows

  • First go to apache tomcat website. Remember to download the windows version zip files.
  • Goto ~/Downloads, unzip the file into a folder. Remember the folder path.
  • Add the tomcat path to the confiuration. When you work on 3.1. Other parts are the same.

3. Download the Spring MVC example code

3.1 Configure & Run example code

Download Spring MVC example code. Unzip the code to a folder and use IntelliJ to open the code folder.

Click Edit Configuration in the picture below.

If you have installed the Tomcat, your configuration should be the same as below. Ohterwise you should install Tomcat firstly. And if you have installed Tomcat, you need to choose the Tomcat path. And then run. In my computer, I use /Users/lich/Applications/tomcat for the Tomcat Home.

After you run your program, you can see the following. It meens Spring MVC has been installed in your machine.

3.2 When you don’t have the permission to run the project

When you run the project, it says you don’t have permission. You can try the following commands.

The easiest way to do is to just chmod all the folder into 777 permissions.

sudo chmod -R 777 ~/Applications/tomcat

Otherwise, it’s safe to set a new user nobody to run Tomcat.
$ sudo chown -R nobody:nobody ~/Applications/tomcat
// -R: recursive thru sub-directories
// {user}:{group}

// To start tomcat as user nobody
$ cd ~/Applications/tomcat/bin
$ sudo -u nobody ./startup.sh // No console message
$ sudo -u nobody ./catalina.sh run // See console message

4. If you are using Eclipse

You can check this post to see how to do.


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